EEC This Means War

09/12 16.1h Dark Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Arrow is a very introverted stallion and prefers to spend most of his time alone unless his favorite person, Peter Addison, is around. He is definitely a one person kind of horse and acts like a little foal around Peter -- mouthing his hair, nuzzling his neck, or nickering to him (and only him) as he walks toward his stall down the barn aisle. Not even the ranch hand that feeds him his grain gets that kind of greeting. Together, Peter and Arrow have risen through the levels in show jumping to reach the Grand Prix level. We hope to someday see his babies follow in his footsteps.

Trainer: Peter Addison
Rider: Peter Addison
Discipline: Show Jumping
Title: none
Level: Grand Prix
Points: 47
Breeder: Empire Equestrian Center Genotype: EE | Aa
Sire: EEC Pirate King of The Abecean Dam: EEC Spirit of the Daedra
equus-sims profile for complete pedigree and progeny listing // simblr for gallery photos

Notable Performances
4th - $25,000 Avila Valley Invitational Grand Prix

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