At Shoreline Hill Stables, we specialize in breeding Thoroughbreds built for sport. Each stallion and mare are handpicked by our experienced staff for the ability to produce future generations of performance horses.

Our Thoroughbred breeding stock is selected from only the finest animals - well balanced with strong bones and a powerful hind end. Both Thoroughbred and Warmblood breeders look to our stallions to improve upon their lines by passing on their exceptional agility and speed. Our band of broodmares form our breeding program's foundation with a new crop of foals born each year.

Shoreline Hill Stables offers training for horses and riders of all levels of experience from green to Grand Prix. Combined, our trainers have decades of knowledge that they fine tune for each horse they ride or student they coach.

We believe that building a foundation in dressage and classical riding is essential to bringing out the best in each horse and rider no matter the ultimate goal. Using the classical training scale, our trainers form positive relationships with their mounts and make every single ride count.

The culmination of all the hours, dirt, sweat, and tears happens in the show ring. Our show team consists of all ages and levels of athletes. We travel to many shows all over the state and even across the country to accommodate our diverse team.

We love winning ribbons and prizes! However, we believe that good sportsmanship is key to building positive relationships and maintaining the longevity of our career as horsemen and women. "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference," said the wise Winston Churchill.