Solar Eclipse SHS
Solar Eclipse SHS

06/12 16.3h Buckskin Thoroughbred Stallion
Eclipse was one of the first foals born at Shoreline Hill Stables. We had planned on selling all of the foals in our first crop, but we could not bear the thought of parting with this guy. I'm more surprised when people DON'T do a double take when they glance his unique coat. We have his dam, Summer, to thank for that. He knows he's gorgeous because he can be such a ham! Whenever he realizes someone is looking at him, without fail he always arches his neck and does this funny little prancing thing with his forelegs. We also have his dam to thank for his intelligence... or lack thereof really. He's a real sweetheart, but can be a bit of a knucklehead at times.

Trainer: Heather Reinhart
Rider: Heather Reinhart
Discipline: Show Jumping
Title: HJC Volant
Level: Grand Prix
Points: 116
Breeder: Shoreline Hill Stables Genotype: Ee | Aa | Crn
Sire: Ambassador SHS Dam: Summer Solstice SHS
equus-sims profile for complete pedigree and progeny listing // simblr for gallery photos

Notable Performances
1st - Avila Valley $35,000 Grand Prix
2nd - Riverview Spring Circuit $10,000 Preliminary Jumpers 4'0'

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