Wanderlust SHS "Dub"
will work for food

07/12 16.0h Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Dub was originally born at SHS and sold to Turning Point Farms where he had a brief, but unsuccessful racing career. He just didn't seem to have much interest while working on the track, but luckily our connections at Turning Point were kind enough to offer to sell him back to us. Boy had he changed since we last saw him! He has really grown up a lot and we were so delighted that he inherited his sire's personality since his dam can be a bit of a firecracker. If there's one thing you must know about Dub though is that he is motivated almost entirely by food. His trainer Maddy always keeps some peppermints tucked away so he can have a treat right after a ride. He really seems to love his new job as an eventing mount though and is looking for someone to continue working with him as he shows some really great potential!
Trainer: Madilyn McClellan
Rider: Madilyn McClellan
Discipline: Eventing
Traits: Agile | Friendly | Piggy
Breeder: Shoreline Hill Stables Genotype: EE | AtAt | Ff
V i e w    E q u u s - S i m s    P r o f i l e ESTA#00216 | ESES#00238 | ESHJC#00243
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italicized = foundation
S h o w  R e c o r d

04/13 Twinbrook Championship ES Eventing Society traditional Eventing - Training 101 Madilyn McClellan 3rd 6 $600
04/13 HJC Show #7 ES Hunter/Jumper Club random Jumping - Amateur 3'0" Madilyn McClellan DNP 0 $0
05/13 Queenstown Horse Trials ES Eventing Society random Eventing - Training Madilyn McClellan DNP 0 $0
06/13 Uppington Kickoff ES Eventing Society random Eventing - Training Madilyn McClellan DNP 0 $0
06/13 Woodside Kickoff (TSC) ES Thoroughbred Association random Eventing - Training Madilyn McClellan 5th 3 $0
0-0-1 (5) 9 $600

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