Shoreline Hill offers a select few stallions to stand at stud for the public. Each brings their own strengths to the table and consistently improve upon mares they are bred to. Our stallions are available to cover Thoroughbred mares, but also almost any other breed as long as we feel they meet the standards of their respective breed.

Start with only the best.

S t u d  F e e s  &  S e a s o n s
Solar Eclipse SHSThoroughbredAmbassador SHS x Summer Solstice SHSShow Jumper30August 2013$7000010
EEC This Means WarThoroughbredEEC Pirate King x EEC Spirit of the DaedraShow Jumper20August 2013$5000010

S t u d  B o o k
August 2013 Solar Eclipse SHS QMR Starlight Dancer Cheyenne Cavender Quiet Meadows Ranch Foaled Paid Light My Fire, b. filly
Ceres Tyne Callahan Keystone Acres Foaled Paid Persephone SHS, pal. filly
RC Elven Echo Victoria Harper Rohirrim Creek Foaled Paid Astronomical SHS, g. colt
ACT Freedom Awaits Milla Regal Cedar Park Equestrian Foaled Paid Stargazer SHS, b. filly
WPE Tia Maria Vanessa Blackmore Blackmore Farm Foaled Paid Coffee Liqueur SHS, buck. filly
PC Prancing Stardom Jasmine Trekk Silver Glade Stables Foaled Paid Celestial SHS, buck. filly
GHS. Bloody Mary Lina More Green Hills Stable Booked Paid
VS Falling To Pieces Lena Varberg Varberg Stall Foaled Paid Breaking Even SHS, bl. colt
EEC This Means War RC Moroccan Brandy Victoria Harper Rohirrim Creek Foaled Paid Brandywine SHS, b. filly
CEC True Script Kathrine Sinclair Sinclair Equestrian Center Foaled Paid Scripted Warfare SHS, bl. filly
AAC Lady Million Meredith Clemens Aurora Acres Foaled Paid Jeanne d'Arc SHS, bl. filly
IL Quiet Melody Sylvia Styles Rosemond Hill Foaled Paid Song Of War SHS, g. filly
WPE Just Another Romeo SVS Callita Fayette Serena Bass Dutch Pearl's Stable Foaled Paid Nightingale SHS, b. filly
June 2013 Ambassador SHS HS A Thousand Words Belle Jones Horseshoe Stables Foaled Paid Monarch SHS, blk. C
Fox Wood's Beringsee Shannon Ramsay Fox Wood Stud Foaled Paid Continental SHS, g. F
Contemporary SHS Heather Reinhart Shoreline Hill Stables Foaled Paid Cosmopolitan SHS, b. F
Dark Paradise SHS Heather Reinhart Shoreline Hill Stables Foaled Paid Metropolis SHS, dkb/br. C
El Gigante SHS Cosmic Love SHS Heather Reinhart Shoreline Hill Stables Booked Paid Gravity SHS, ch. C
Scarlet Starlet SHS Heather Reinhart Shoreline Hill Stables Booked Paid Cinematica SHS, ch. F
Hot Cakes SHS Heather Reinhart Shoreline Hill Stables Booked Paid Sweet Tart SHS, dkb/br. F
WPE Just Another Romeo Summer Solstice SHS Heather Reinhart Shoreline Hill Stables Booked Paid Summer Love SHS, b. F
WPE Night Watch Cheyenne Cavender Quiet Meadows Ranch Foaled Paid Dragonglass SHS, blk. C
HPS/IL Radiant Dreamer Sylvia Styles Rosemond Hill Foaled Paid Dreamers Lie SHS, buck. C
OTS Sorrow Tara Patterson Oak Tree Stables Foaled Paid Lovers Lament SHS, b. C

B r e e d i n g  A p p l i c a t i o n
Directions for Application & Breeding
We do all bookings in advance. Applications close on the 15th the month before the planned breedings (ie. applications accepted until May 15th for June breeding), then the breeding manager will choose the top applications by the 20th.
  1. Ensure you have available funds for stud fee in bank account and 1 available horse credit for the foal
  2. Fill out the application at left before the deadline
  3. If you are selected, please send the mare's file (by email) and the stud fee by the 1st of the breeding month
    How to Ship Mare
  4. If mare and stud fee not received by the 1st, the next applicant on the list will be selected
  5. Once foal is born, it will be transferred back to you by the end of the month at the latest

Selection Process
Applications are chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. Length of membership on the ES forums
  2. Participation in ES events and shows (not necessarily quality of photo editing)
  3. Activity on the forums
  4. Suitability and breed of mare
Terms & Conditions
  1. applying mares must be registered with their respective ES breed association
  2. names may not be changed and must always carry the SHS suffix
  3. coats may not be altered without approval of SHS
  4. foals may not be available for mass download
  5. stable must be a member of the ES forum for at least one month prior to applying
  6. applying stable must have at least 1 ES horse credit reserved for the foal to be used after transfer
  7. if stable becomes inactive for >1 ES year/4months RL, SHS reserves the right to "buy back" foal