Congratulations to all of the new SHS foal owners! I can't wait to see what they look like all grown up. I always love to hear how my babies are doing so feel free to drop me a message every now and then in the cbox on how they are doing. Don't spoil them toooo much! To see where each foal was sent to, check the original July foal crop post.

Also, just wanted to let everyone know that I will probably not be having an August foal crop. RL has been a little hectic lately so I really need to catch up with things around the barn. This might actually become a regular thing for me because it is hard to keep up with HJC stuff and releasing a foal crop every month. Each foal that I release is unique and their coats take a lot of time to make. I know you all would rather have quality over quantity, plus I don't want to saturate the TB genepool with the same blood.