AGE/BIRTHDAY • 26/April 3rd
ZODIAC • Libra
PLACE OF BIRTH • Sunset Valley
SEXUALITY • straight
FAMILY • 2 younger sisters Alice, Rebecca
RELATIONSHIPS • married - Peter Addison
EDUCATION • College - Journalism
RELIGION • no affiliation
ECONOMIC STATUS • no worries!
OCCUPATION • Journalism

PETS • 1 dog - Boxer named Jack
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS • Left upper shoulder - swallow (bird) tattoo; naval, ears (lobes and left helix) pierced
LIFETIME ASPIRATION • Culinary Librarian
TRAITS • Over-dramatic, loves the outdoors, equestrian, nurturing, natural cook
HOBBIES • Cooking, riding, reading, writing
STRENGTHS • empathetic, good with kids, calm under pressure
WEAKNESSES • a bit over-dramatic at times, has a hard time saying "no"
FUN FACT • Lily loves to go to thrift stores and garage sales to find vintage decorations for her barn and home
PET PEEVES • people that are all talk and no action
FAVORITE HANGOUTS • the beach, the coffee shop downtown

Lily Port was born and raised in Sunset Valley with two younger sisters, Alice and Rebecca. Lily, being the oldest, was always looking out for her sisters despite them being so close in age (Alice is two years younger and Rebecca three years younger). The three were very close in their childhood, but as they grew older and began to pursue different interests, they didn't spend as much time with one another. Alice was always tied up in her studies, while Rebecca took up singing. Lily, however, spent nearly all of her free time at the barn.

Riding came naturally to Lily and she felt at ease around horses. Her best friend, Lena, practically lived at the barn and her and Lily became as close as sisters. Lena was lucky enough to own a couple of horses, a privilege that escaped Lily until she was older. Lily's favorite horse was Autumn, a big chestnut appendix quarter horse mare with legs for miles. Lily and Autumn forged a strong bond over the years and the pair won numerous local horse shows. Cross country was their event of choice and there weren't many days where any other horse could beat them.

Sooner than Lily may have liked, high school was over and it was time to begin the next chapter of her life: college. Lily was devastated that she did not get into Sim State University, located about 20 minutes from Sunset Valley. Her only other choice was Queenstown University, a college four hours away from her family, Lena, and Autumn. So after her final summer in Sunset Valley, during which she practically spent the entirety at the barn, Lily reluctantly packed her bags and moved to Queenstown.

After some initial hesitation, Lily began to really enjoy Queenstown. She decided to major in journalism, met a lot of great friends in her classes, and took riding lessons at a local stable. She also joined the university's equestrian team and began hanging out with Natalie Thurgood, a shy girl from Bridgeport who was studying biology. They became fast friends and did nearly everything together, that is until Lily met Peter Addison.

Peter was a pre-med student studying biochemistry and had all the looks to go with that big brain. They immediately hit it off and began dating. After a year, things got pretty serious between Lily and Peter, especially with graduation looming. They had discussed their plans for what they wanted after college, but never seriously talked about marriage. They both knew without saying that that was something they both wanted, so Peter worked up some nerve and asked Lily to marry him. Lily said yes of course and the two were married the summer following graduation. A few years down the road, the pair founded Shoreline Hill Stables and the rest is all history! Look at SHS History to continue Lily's Story.

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